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How Drone Insurance Inspections Support Insurance Markets


  • Risk engineering and pricing—Aerial site assessments can identify property features that allow the owner either to seek a reduced risk profile or to take appropriate actions to lower overall risk and justify premium discounts.
  • Natural disaster monitoring—Drones can be quickly and safely deployed to monitor areas threatened by natural disasters. Governments working with insurance companies can monitor a situation and alert local residents to potential danger.


  • Inspection—Drones can provide a safer, faster, and more cost-effective way to conduct a site inspection, particularly in challenging working conditions.
  • Risk assessment—Drones may allow insurers to engage a generalist, rather than a specialist, to perform field assessments and obtain high-quality visuals.
  • Claims adjudication—The precise photos that drones take can potentially improve the quality of the claims adjudication process.
  • Fraud prevention—The moment a property claim is reported (First Notice of Loss), a drone could be deployed to inspect the claims site, increasing information capture accuracy and timeliness.


Drone Insurance Inspections Canada

Drones For Residential Insurance Claims

 A drone can quickly collect a large amount of footage of the affected property and its surroundings. In addition, photos can also be taken of places that are dangerous and difficult to access, such as roofs.

Artificial Intelligence software is being developed to help spot and analyze damage. For example, the software will very accurately spot hail damage and have the ability to differentiate between other reasons or causes for the damage. These photos and the special assessment software help the adjusters to quickly arrive at the most accurate cost tag.

Residential Insurance Inspections With Drones

A DJI Inspire Drone Inspecting A Residential Roof.

Software has been developed for drones so that they may fly autonomous missions to inspect the asset. This software takes control of the drone and will calculate the optimum flight pattern and camera settings to insure accurate and comprehensive acquisition of data. The inspections could be made up of both photographs and video.

Any Type of Claims Documented Fast

Claims are no small event. Many times the number of acres that must be inspected is huge. Drones can turn work that could take days or weeks into just hours and usually will be a more comprehensive assessment. The same is true of a claim in any industry. Use the best tool to document for accurate assessment.

Industrial Fire

Industrial Claim Investigations.

Drones have become an integral part of claims processing. Investigators regularly use drones to determine the causes of fires and identify damaged areas.

Drones have also become a proven method for investigating and settling losses caused by natural hazards. Aerial photographs aid in verifying damage allegedly caused by floods, storms, hailstorms, high winds and brush fires. Losses can be documented and settled at a reasonable cost faster and at a lower cost.

Drone Inspections for risk assessment

Drones for Risk Assessment And Management.

Drones are great for managing risks. Drones gather information demonstrating preventive maintenance and application of safety standards and programs for a risk.  The data gathered by drones helps underwriters better understand exposure. Moreover, they save money by better allocation of resources.

Fraud prevention is another area of benefit of drone implementation for insurance. Forward thinking insurers will collect data pre-loss and have files of the status of insured risks.

Libitron Aerial Insurance Drone Inspections

Drones For Natural Disaster

If a flood, or other natural disaster major storm or event occurs, getting the drones in the air will give the insuring markets excellent data to better understand exposure and what they are dealing with. The claims can be dealt with much faster while progress and mitigation are monitored.

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