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Infrastructure assets are high value and must be kept operational. Drone inspections are more safe, comprehensive and in many cases much more accurate than manual methods. Since a drone inspection is repeatable,  long term and accurate date can be accumulated. Your asset will be kept in the best possible condition. Libitron Aerial is experienced and able to provide Cell Tower Inspections, Solar Inspections and Power Line Inspection.

Drones For Inspecting Cell Towers

Drone Photo Close Up Of Cell Tower

It is not just safety and financial benefits driving the use of drones for cell tower inspections.

You can expect huge time savings and better data collection. With the flexibility of numerous camera payload options , drones are simply more efficient. Drones easily complete the repeatable project in less than half the time it takes trained inspectors.

A drone will quickly move to any height of the tower within seconds. Additionally, they orbit a structure and view all sides much faster than any person can – all without the risk of a serious fall.

When compared to drones, human inspectors capture limited amounts of data.

Autonomous technology allows for a drone’s camera to capture photos and videos continuously. The high resolution of  drone-based cameras makes it possible to create detailed 3D models of towers. Realistically, its far more information than inspection teams could ever replicate economically.

While an inspection crews take measurements at specific points of the structure, drones can survey every inch. The combination of speed, data collection, and payload options give drones a significant advantage over people. These “missions” can be saved and flown again so that you have repeatable data for optimal records and efficient workflow.

Drones Carry The Sensor To Produce The Data You Need

Drone Thermal Cell

Camera options include RGB cameras, thermal, Lidar, ultrasound, and multispectral sensors. With all implemented, the integrity of the cell tower is comprehensively analyzed.


Have a Look At Our Tower Inspection Video!

Drones For Inspecting Power Lines​

Power line inspections are an expensive, time-consuming affair.

These inspections usually require one of three methods: walk, drive, or fly. For rural power lines in remote areas, rough terrain makes walking or driving nearly impossible — not to mention wastefully slow.

Drones provide a more quiet, clean and cost effective option for power line inspections. Drones are already conducting data collection surveys that were previously only possible by manned aircraft or even satellite imagery, and are used in industries such as agriculture, oil and gas, mining, construction and, increasingly, in utilities and energy. 

Drone Inspections can provide visual and Thermal inspections of the power lines to help spot any problem areas. Since the drone industry is on the move, so is the software development to support the abilities of the drones. It is no different for drone power line inspections. Software can help to streamline the inspection process and to see on a large scale the conditions of the assets.

If ever there was a job that would benefit by higher safety work environments, power line inspections are on the top of the list. Drone power line inspections can be conducted 100% boots on the ground. Regardless of the voltage environment, drone inspections can be conducted from a safe distance using high quality image and thermal capture payloads to accurately document every inch of the grid.

Drones For Solar Installations

How drones enhance solar panel inspections?

• Gather better information: Inspect solar panels for damage and mechanical failure with both thermal and visual imagery to get an overview of the health of your solar site.

• Analysis With AI: Every image is analyzed with a state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm, and anomalies are detected, classified and localized.

• Increase operational safety: Drones ensure your team can maintain a safe distance from faulty or damaged equipment.

Libitron Aerial Solar Drone Inspections
Libitron Aerial Solar Drone Inspections

• Automate the inspection process: Drones take advantage of fully automated mission planning through their waypoint system, allowing even greater efficiency and long term data comparison.

• Reduce labour and maintenance costs:  Reduced time on site allow you to reduce costs and maximize ROI for your solar array.

• Inspections During Planning, Construction and while in operation all keep you in control of your asset.


Wind Turbine Inspections With Drones

Libitron Aerial Turbine Drone Inspections


  • Low downtime on each turbine
  • Multiple turbines completed per day
  • Automated data processing and report generation
  • Faster and safer than conventional inspection techniques
  • High quality images and video
  • Access to otherwise inaccessible areas
  • Preventive maintenance planning.

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